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Scammer genuinely curious about all the hate for

My intent when I started this thread was really not to defend pureanabolics. I placed the order after reading good reviews on other forums and since it was my first UGL purchase I was nervous and kept reasurching the source and found bad reviews here and that is when I started this thread before my gear even landed it was literally an hour after I received my order conformation email from them. After the package landed I posted saying it actually showed up and then 5 weeks later I posted my bloodwork and got accused of photoshoping it when it was literally a screen shot from the quest diagnostics app. After I posted my last labs I when up from 150mg a week to 450mg a week 150mg M/W/F had labs taken again on the 21st of last month almost 5 weeks to the day after getting my previous labs and total test was 2218 free was 738, blood was drawn on Friday morning before I pinned. Not that anymore will believe it but I'm attaching my labs and 10 week progress pics, first picture is 10 weeks ago second is 5 weeks running pureanabolics at 150mg a week for TRT and third picture is was taken yesterday after 5 weeks at 450mg a week. Do I look like a Greek god? No I don't but in 10 weeks I feel like I've made a lot of progress i went from being embarrassed to take my shirt of to feeling pretty damn good about myself. I dropped 2 pant sizes and gained 2 inches in my biceps and I've actually maintained my body weight I started at 185 and 28-29% bf calculated with the calipers and I'm still 185 and now 19-20% bf with the calipers. I'm not where I want to be but I'm on my way.
@slim0983 you look really good man
I take back what I said, you are real deal

are you going to throw up a LOG?
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