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how to avoid temptations from bad foods

once you stop eating garbage food you won't crave it anymore

when I smell fast food I get nauseous it's so disgusting to me
if you find that food appetizing then you're simply addicted to it it's just like any type of addiction

when you eat healthy then you'll crave healthy food. I crave vegetables fruits chicken beef etc etc
This. Steve is 100% correct. Fast food and sugary foods are specifically engineered to turn you into an addict.

Cut them out, detox your system (which will suck for a few weeks) and you will not crave them. Once you are detoxed if you find yourself in a situation where you say to yourself "ahh screw it...I deserve this...I have been good to myself for's just one treat"....kick yourself in the nuts for allowing your mind to lie to you and go eat a handful of almonds.

You can get addicted to terrible food just like someone gets addicted to any drug. #fact
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