Huge lump above buttcrack from injection oil won't go away!!!!!!!!


Hello, I've been using the glute injection site for several months now starting on February 16th. I alternate as much as I could. Quads, however the 2 times I did delts it felt like someone took a sledgehammer to my shoulder. I will NEVER DO DELTS AGAIN!!!!! ANYWAYS, I use a standard 3ml 1 inch 23 gauge needle cuz my ass is still quite bulbous. Now, I have 2 gigantic bubbles where I injected , seems to me the oil is stuck there. It's so big these bubble like things that I'm afraid a Dr might have to drain them. I tried massaging them. And yes they are quite painful as well. Any thoughts as to what to do? Someone I think the great Davie palumbo said to heat them up? Should I try and slice them open? The thick oil is not being absorbed by the muscle, it's just sitting there. It's so huge and bulbous that u could see it through my pants. Thanks so much guys!!! I use domestic-supply...puritysourcelabs , and when I have to teamroids.to. thanks guys. I didn't want to post again because I don't want to anger you guys whom have been so very helpful to me in the past. But this is an emergency. Thanks so much my fellow iron enthusiasts !!!!


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You're not angering us, good to see you post here.

You should try to gently massage the area and heat it up, like real hot. See if that helps.

What brand is this? shouldn't be this much pain, sounds like a lot of BA/BB


I’d massage and heat for a little while if this doesn’t fix the issue you’ll have to check with a dr. If it sets up an infection you’ll be worse off


usually these work out on their own over time. but if you don't it is best to see a doc and have them drain it

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