Got a lump after injection. What should do?


If you got one injection and creates a swollen lump sometimes hot , what is the best to do?
Use ice?
Use hot paths?
Use thrombocid cream ?
Use aspirin?
Epson salt bath?

best option to quick fix this inflamation ?



heat and ice, heat and ice, repeat if it begins to itch take some benadryl, but if you begin to feel a pulse like a heartbeat inside of the lump, then it's time to go to your urgent Care.. from there then may give you some antibiotics.. just keep an eye on it and if you develop a fever that's also a sign to take some Benadryl or possibly go to your urgent Care.. in the meantime do not go near that site or use it for the next three or four months.. let that area heal entirely..


Heating pad and ice pack, rotate every 15 minutes. When using heating pad, GENTLY massage area in circular motion. If you don't have a heating pad, get a washrag or hand towel and dampen it, put it in the microwave to warm it... It will be hot!