ironanabolics quality


I bought a bottle of primobolan from ironanabolics, they are UK/EU domestic guys.
Paid via bitcoin and waited, package came within 2 weeks which is long fro EU domestic.
Been using primobolan for the last 4 weeks no RESULTS like 0, no strength no hardness nothing.
was I sent fake or underdosed primo?

Master of Nothing

Alright bro so check it - Primo is probably one of the most faked out there.

I love primo and I use it at least once a year, it is not a fast acting miracle drug, with that being said primo also performs very poorly when you’re not getting enough protein in. You need to be in that 200-300g a day range (in my experience) to notice any gains.

even then bro, on a 12-16 week cycle of primo at 100mg/day (700mg/wk) you will only really see around 5lbs of lean solid ass mass added on if you’re dieting well. The kicker here is: it’s long lasting gains.

I think you’re expecting too much and I have no idea what dosages you’re taking, what your stats are, etc.

Basically - not out of the realm of possibilities you have fake shit - does that fucker hurt like hell the next day? If you’re not experiencing some grown ass man PIP at 100mg/day you have fake shit 99% sure.


primo progress is gradual and nothing will just jump out and hit you in the face like you may be expecting, but you should be seeing some strength at this point and you just feel really good on it in general... primo is the most faked compound out there so its definitely a possibility but its hard to say... what are you dosing it at? are you running it by itself? no test?


You just bought 1 bottle? Even if it's 200mg/ML you will need more than that. Like everyone else said; what's your diet, dosage and training. Never heard of that source. Try to stick to sources that have 3rd party testing of their gear or well known brand names like Balkan, zphc. I love primo, I run it year round with my trt. Master of Nothing gave you good info above...