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Finally I am able to be honest.

I purchased generic hgh from ironlion 2 kits. Ran them and did blood work, the hgh was fake.
After I contacted ironlion they refused to admit it's fake and didn't bother to look at the blood work I sent them.
When I tried to expose them on other forums I was banned, stay tuned I'm going to post this on twitter too.
Btw when I tried to ask them for refund they ignored my emails. My review of ironlion honestly
quality of hgh FAKE counterfeit
quality of service terrible
quality of support terrible
quality of shipping takes 20 days!
WOW bad review.


My review of ironlion

I ordered from ironlion on August 2nd, it's September 19 and I still don't have my package.
They literally stole my money. I sent them bitcoins, they sent me a fake tracking number.
I WISH I at least got fake hgh but I got NOTHING, just theft and fraud.
When I emailed the company they claimed they shipped it and the lying store of "tomorrow tomorrow".
I still don't have my package and I am out of money which makes ironlion a fraud company and complete SCAMMERS.
They pay off forums to be sponsors so negative reviews are not posted, I was banned from asf for posting the truth.
Thank you for allowing me to expose these scammers.
Another bad reviews money stolen.


I'm very sorry to hear this bro. Ironlion should address these accusations. They have been a scammer for a long time it seems.

So far I see them doing terrible things
  • sending fake and counterfeit HGH
  • posting fake lab reports photoshopped
  • posting fake blood work photoshopped
  • taking money and not shipping packages (scam)
  • taking money and shipping HCG instead of hgh :(
Ironlion labs you should address these accusations.
Ironlion did not address any of these facts. This thread has gone bad fast.


Ironlion did not address any of these facts. This thread has gone bad fast.
They'll never respond, ironlion is now known to be an official selective scammer.

Sending some HGH to moderators and admins to bribe them on other forums and sending customers counterfeit and fake hgh.

I'm hearing now ironlion will take money and run too, terrible.

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