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Not happy with teamroids


I made a large order with teamroids, they are a source promoted over on eroids a lot. They said that I owe them $2,200 after I put my items in my car it only was $2050. I ask them what's the extra $150 for oh, and the guy got mad and said that I was trying to reverse scam him and to send the full amount of money or they would not send me anything. I complied and then sent a follow-up email and they guy responded that they would ship my items next business day. It has been 2 weeks and I still have nothing and now they're not responding to me. I don't think this is very professional


You would be happy had you stuck with a trusted source... take this as a lesson learned and don't make the same mistake again! Domestic Supply is as trusted of a source as you can find and i stand by them a million percent!

Fella Finn

I have a great way for you to go from not happy to happy sir. Go with Domestic Supply, who is the very best out there. From quality, to customer service to shipping speed, you will not find anyone that compares to Domestic Supply!

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