nutrobal mk677 worth it vs HGH?

I want to know if it's a good idea for me to replace my hGH with mk677? I've been on hgh for 3months but want to switch to sarms for price and safety. Whats the equivalent dose of 677 for 4 IUs of hgh?


I would say 40mgs split throughout the night is like 2 IUs of hgh only if you mix the mk677 with nutrozol.


you can easily stack them but if you are looking to save money then yes, absolutely... as long as you have real quality... mk677 is the closest thing you can find to hgh and if you take cost/reward, its definitely on par man... here's a link to the best quality 677 you can find...

They are not the same so there isn't really a conversion (4iu HGH = ?mg Nutrobal). HGH is exogenous hormone and Nutrobal works with your body to increase it's own GH pulses. I think it is worth a try to switch. Go with some Nutrobal so you know it is legit.