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Rip off


Buy steroids online is a ripoff source
I ordered 1200$ worth of stuff from them
I got 1 g h kit, 2 vials of test e, 2 vials of test cyp, and 3 vials of trenbolone
they ended up shipping me only half my order and then I never heard anything back from them. After I reached out to them they blocked me I can't even get ahold of them any more. ridiculous


It is posted so often how important it is to read reviews, feedback , check threads and logs, pictures etc... there are countless posts with this kind of info posted and i would strongly suggest taking the time to read them and protect yourself... Domestic Supply consistently shows to be the very best!

Fella Finn

Domestic Supply is who I use exclusively! I have never had this kind of quality and I love having many different top brand name options!


Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
Ok honestly I never tried but all the feedback I see on them is hella negative
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