Running rad140 as a preworkout


I had a question about using RAD140 testolone as part of my preworkout stack. I have creatine, amino acids and then the RAD140. I want to drink the creatine mixed with my water, take 6 amino acids, and then take 30mg of the RAD 1 hour pre workout to give me a boost. I would only take this stack on workout days. I work out usually 3 to 4X per week. Would this work good or no?


I like to run sarms preworkout I feel it works better, split into AM dose and preworkout dose 10mgs 20mgs and add ostazol 3 caps preworkout.


that makes zero sense whatsoever... rad is not a stimulant and taking it pre workout will not make any sort of difference aside from possibly mental... that makes zero sense whatsoever...

rad also should never be split in dosing... its a 24 hour half life...


No one and I mean NO ONE need a preworkout stack. Competition day maybe (for a strength event)

Vadim Fedorov

Pre-workout product should be OSTAZOL or CARDAZOL, but RAD you should take it twice per day - morning after meal and before work out

Fella Finn

Sarms are not pre workouts sir. They are not stimulants and not used in that manner. There may be a mental effect where you just mentally believe it but in actuality, this is just not the case. RAD is EXCELLENT and is quickly becoming one of the most popular sarms however it is not a pre workout
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