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1/2 ml/ED - 50 mg/ED for 1-2 week then
1 ml/ED - 100 mg/ED

Enan 1/2 ml - 125 mg/ M-W-F + 250 mg test Undeco on Sunday (625 mg/week)

I'm also waiting for an order with the new Bulk Cycle (D-bol 25mg + Drol 25mg - 50mg/tab).
As soon as it arrives I will take one tabs for breakfast (like a champion) and, side permitting, one pre-workout.

5 meals a day. About 3200-3300 kcal/day
Pro: 200 gr
Carbs: 500 gr
Fats: 45-50 gr

I train (hard) every day by splitting all the muscle groups individually.

As usual,
THANKS to Euro-Pharmacies, thanks to PuritySourceLabs, thanks to Vision and all to the fantastic PSL team, and thanks to this community as well.

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Subbed in Phil. Gonna be a ripped monkey soon...well; your always lean as F***! Cheers