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this gear I got from steroids usa is strong as heck
I am doing their dianbol 50mgs a day
also stacking some anavar 20mgs a day
gaining a lot of size on this. I’m up like 8 pounds and I am bigger for sure in the mirror.
It is posted so often how important it is to read reviews, feedback , check threads and logs, pictures etc... there are countless posts with this kind of info posted and i would strongly suggest taking the time to read them and protect yourself... Domestic Supply consistently shows to be the very best!
It gets more and more difficult to sift through all the nonsensical companies out there that attempt to take advantage of others however the beauty of forum like Anabolex, is that there are so many people here that look out for the community and help provide reviews and insight on who is legit and who is not. You would be in the best hands by going with @Finestgears who has proved over and over that they are highly trusted and provide the best quality as well as lab reports to show the legitimacy of their products!
You can save yourself so many problems by sticking with a verified and trusted source, such as Domestic Supply. I use them exclusively with good reason. They carry top name brands, along with having the best customer service and extremely fast and discreet shipping. They provide everything you could want and more!
I never used steroids-usa and never will, period
While I have not purchased from them, I know that sells fake testosterone I saw bad reviews with lab tests
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