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Very bad gear


Not having a good experience using anabolic
The gear is not good. It's giving me a lot of problems when I inject it. I'm getting some fevers and I'm getting a lot of big bubbles forming on my skin. I'm concerned that the gear might be dirty. Do you think that I should throw the stuff out? = no love from the crew
My best results have always come with Domestic Supply! You can look at reviews and posts and constantly see them mentioned as the best
You should take a look at @Finestgears. They have a very strong reputation along with nearly 40 of the top name brands you can use. They have consistently grown in popularity and with great reason! Check them out!
You can save yourself so many problems by sticking with a verified and trusted source, such as Domestic Supply. I use them exclusively with good reason. They carry top name brands, along with having the best customer service and extremely fast and discreet shipping. They provide everything you could want and more!
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