stims boost my libido

I noticed on days I use preworkouts that have stimulants or take a stimulant drink that I get more horny during the day. anyone have any explanation for this like from a scientific perspective? I ask because I usually have an average to poor sex drive and lately it has been crazy good and wanted to see if it was this or something else causing it


it is because they fire off things in your brain

once you get much healthier and sleep good you will be able to fire up your body/brain naturally without the help of stims which have negative effects


I used to drink 4 or 5 red bulls a day and got super horny but over time it went away. now i stay away from stims and my libido came all the way back stronger than ever


I have definitely experienced this, especially with ephedrine products. I have researched this in the past and found medical documents stating that stimulants can cause this. Amphetamines are known to cause an increase in libido presumably due to a similar function in the body.