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thinksteroids source reviews


Hey I came over here from thinksteroids cause they are very biased on their source reviews. basically if you ask a question about a source they flame you off the site. I don't even know who runs that place but they aren't friendly to new people. can anyone give me some good sources? that is why i came here to get some good sources. It seems the mods run multiple steroid sources, and millard baker takes money from steroid sources. They are like a mafia over there. If ask anything they attack if it's not the source they run. Shame, it was a good forum before.


Oh don't get me started on thinksteroids. The sources there are selective scammers and mods cover it up. I don't get it. There are Honest mods there but they still cover up the scamming of the fake mods who are really steroid sources. Millard looks the other way, strange.


ive never known it to be good over there... all they do all day long is act like women in a salon, gosipping, talking shit (from the safety of their keyboards)... they dont help anyone... ive never seen such hateful people anywhere... they all gathered into one place together because they are not wanted anywhere else


I'm just active here on the Evo group of forums. I have my training log on a few but that's it.

Masonic Bodybuilder

I have heard it is toxic over there from many people. Stick to these forums:
-elite fitness

For sources, I recommend Domestic-Supply


I was on thinksteroids before, I couldn't stand the corruption with the moderators. Many of the mods, and I know the names own steroid sources and shill for them. They attack all other suppliers hard to make sure no competition. They should be exposed.


Thinksteroids attacks not for no reason, they attack because the mods own multiple sources. It's pretty clear.

Fella Finn

I despise this forum with all my being. They are just terrible people over there and only like to tear other people down instead of actually helping out. If there was one forum I would say to avoid at all costs, it would be that one.


Thinksteroids attacks not for no reason, they attack because the mods own multiple sources. It's pretty clear.
Thats because the moderators on thinksteroids are involved in steroid dealing, I'm sure the owner is aware of that but does nothing.


Thats because the moderators on thinksteroids are involved in steroid dealing, I'm sure the owner is aware of that but does nothing.
I was banned on thinksteroids for talking openly about the sponsors. The owner is probably a steroid source himself, I doubt the guys are. There are a few good guys on there but mainly the members just attack me for no reason.
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