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Tips for next steroid cycle


looking for some tips for my next cycle. I am a weightlifter and would like to take something to help boost my muscle mass but not bulk me up too much what do you think about the below stack
testosterone cypionate 400 mg a week
aromasin 12.5 mg every other day
anavar oxandrolone 50mg a day
Hcgenerate 5 caps a day
Hcg 1000iu’s twice a week
I like this cycle, that's hardcore but cut out the HCG, don't need that if you have hcgenerate.
The rest is good, test cyp with anavar and aromasin perfect layout if I ever seen one.
when you are in pct, you are going to get a major spike in cortisol... cortisol is termed the "gains killer" for a reason... it will put you into a catabolic state which will not allow you to build muscle and at the same time will eat it away, on top of the fact you will also get unwanted fat gain... so you will lose muscle and gain fat that you had just busted your ass an entire cycle for... GW and MK prevent the rise in cortisol... not only that but they keep you performing at a level you were while on cycle being the ultimate performance enhancers they are... on top of the fact that mk2866 is the ultimate for healing and recovery, which is imperative in pct as well as keeping strength up to a very high level... gw will also treat cholesterol and blood pressure, which are definitely things that need addressed in pct as well… N2Guard plays a pivotal role in a post-cycle therapy (PCT). There’s a strong misconception that the role of a PCT is simply to restart the natural testosterone production that was shut down from the steroid cycle. While this is true, there are a lot of the other issues that the body has to deal with during a PCT: hormone fluctuations, high liver enzymes, increased blood pressure, pressure on the kidneys and endocrine system, high stress and cortisol levels, the list goes on…N2Guard helps address all of these problems and helps you recover in a timely manner. The quicker you recover, the less likelihood of any long-term problems occurring, and the more likely that all gains you make during your cycle are retained.

clomid 50/50/50/25/25/25

nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20

aromasin 12.5 mg eod (adjust accordingly)


mk-2866 25 mg day (ONLY 4 WEEKS)

gw-501516 20 mg day
Remember that PCT is the most important aspect of this. Dylan gave you a full layout on exactly what to do. You should consider only using HCG 4 weeks if you feel the need. I prefer to use N2generate instead of HCG, not claiming it to be a total replacement, but just knowing it gets the job done without any side effects and being all natural, I much prefer that route
I like it but drop the HCG. Here is the PCT you want to run:

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