Blend TD pic from PSL look at the gold!


Blend TD pics here.. Lets see them.. All NEW blends and oral combo tabs, let's see these TD's..

What's you thoughts on these sweet babies? Do you agree with me that gold is worth the weight?



The guy in the Golden shirt is like a guy we have in Vietname Nam Sun Kon he's huge here in pop.

This blend is interesting I wish I can get it here.


Great news coming at the end of next week, keep your eyes peeled everyone.. You'll see.
In the main time read are friendly reminder below. :)

Shipping this time of year can be painstakingly slow with so many delays and unpredictability's with transit & delivery and at times having items stolen.

This just spoils your holiday and cycle plan now doesn't it?

Theft with packages during the holiday season increases significantly with international services.
Or worst, the known package peak'ers that tend to inspect and take things that are said
to be not allowed, now are on high alert compared to normal operating procedures

Season GRINCHES are what they are.

This year, still get the same quality and authentic products that you need with -
* Extremely fast and reliable shipping locally in your neighborhood
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Local shipping remains OPEN

(International shipping is closed until 2021)

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Don't let the Grinch steal your gains



After a short winter recess

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You'll never be wasting money when you buy gold line
EP's gold is like none other, because it is a stabilizer; it is an insurance policy in this market that you're getting PURITY
EP Gold-Line isn't really made of gold, it's made of sweat, determination and a hard to find alloy called guts
with the added advantages known as "QUALITY". into the new GOLD-LINE series this year​