calves not growing help!


this is ridiculous, i absolutely murder my calves and they still don't grow for anything. it has been 2 years and i swear they haven't even grown a half inch in that time yet my other body parts grow well. i wonder if i have some sort of issue where certain body parts can't grow or maybe i just need to do something else?


i have little problem building up my calves. yes there is a genetic element to it. if you have lankier legs then that is a problem


i recommend getting a mountain bicycle and hit the trails. it worked for me however genetics will play a big role


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I hope your not one of these guys... LMFAO!
Bro you do not need heavy weight to grow your calves you need to pin point your calve heads by your feet placement. Get a good stretch then slow on the way up like a concentration bicep curl. Start counting after the burn like Ali said. Don’t be bouncing that shit like a scrub take your time and focus on the eccentric (stretch) Then the contraction of your calve6F2ED527-BC62-4D0D-9D4F-28832A965A3F.jpeg5E2D16AA-C90E-499F-AD5B-90AC84BD4F89.jpeg
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