gummy bears post workout


I was checking a few articles and it says I should eat sugar after training. Post workout gummie bears is the crazy. Can you tell me how many gummy bears to eat? post workout and size of package I can eat?
also gummy bears is health post workout or no?


I wouldn't eat gummy bears after training, thats nonsense. Try ostazol and a post workout protein shake.


people are under the false impression that you need to consume sugary things after a workout to fill in your anabolic window or something, that broscience is further pushed by those that inject insulin post workout. that is nonsense

gummy bears are not nutrition, eat nutritous food
Pretty sure this was from one of the Jim Stoppani training programs. Bottom line is that you do not want sugar in your body anytime. That includes after training.


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In the right scenario and goals replenishing glycogen post workout can be beneficial. I wouldnt choose gummy bears and I'd use a different carb source myself