loading amino acids preworkout


hi, can you please help me load up amino acids before training? which ones do I use? I was thinking buying glutamine and creatine anything else?


V.I.P. Gold
I would load up with glutamine, creatine as a standard so you started well. Add some ostazol 3 caps and you're good as a pre/intra workout aid with cardazol 2 caps.
If you eat protein in your diet (and most of us eat too much already) then there is no need to take amino acids. Creatine I do recommend but I wouldn't bother with anything else.


V.I.P. Gold
Creatine is fine. 5g per day. You probably get enough glutamine through food

I like BCAAs during training, but not everybody does. I use it more for recovery purposes and reducing DOMS so I can train harder. Lots of data to support their use for those purposes