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Approved Log My cycle prep Log - bulking plan

7 a day. I take it all at once because I’ll forget if I don’t lol
Does it matter what time I take them? I’ve been told to split it between morning and afternoon.
@Monogordo5 thats a myth just take AM

really? share more bro

waiting on your training updates
Todays log( rest day)
Today was a rest day did 90 min of walking to burn 556 cal
What I ate is below in Cronometer with some pics protein was a little lower since I ran out of meat today


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Todays log
Did 70 min walking outside to burn 432 cal
Hit legs today shoulder felt weird. Will do shoulders tmrw with chest
Hack squat

205 20 reps

225 15 reps

245 15

265 10 reps

Leg extension

120 17 reps

150 15 reps

Lying hamstring curl

90 pounds 15 reps

90 15 reps

90 15


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Should I be worried about getting acne on a cycle of 300 test and 50mg anavar and if so what should I keep on hand? I’m very prone to getting acne from things if it’s a listed side effect
Todays log didn’t take too many pics it slipped my mind
Did 45 min lawn mowing burned 329 cal
Hit chest and biceps
Chest and biceps
Pump pic before biceps below
Incline chest press machine 225 15 rep

245 15 reps

275 7 reps

Isolateral bench press

187 10 reps

147 15 reps

Chest flies

150 15 reps

180 12 reps

180 8 reps

High to low curl

50 each arm 15 reps

60 each arm 15 reps

70 7 reps each arm

Preacher curl 36kg 15 reps

41kg 12 reps

Rope hammer curl

72.5 pounds 15 reps

72.5 15 reps

80 pounds 12 reps
Great work
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