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phx-store.ws has bad gear


I am getting infections and other problems using this source
I think phx store is a bad place because their gear is giving me issues. Red welts and a lot of problems with painful lumps. I think if the gear is this bad I cannot imagine how fake this stuff is


I would STRONGLY recommend using domestic supply from now on... Tried and true, verified and trusted, you cannot go wrong with the industries best, which is domestic supply!!

Fella Finn

You can save yourself so many problems by sticking with a verified and trusted source, such as Domestic Supply. I use them exclusively with good reason. They carry top name brands, along with having the best customer service and extremely fast and discreet shipping. They provide everything you could want and more!


Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
phx-store.ws stole money from my boy
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