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everytime I inject steroids-store steroids I get some painful welts on my body
I did one in my glute the other day and its been 3 days and I still cannot even sit or walk
I am worried this is dirty gear. Is it normal to have this every injection? probably sent you fake steroids
My personal best experiences have consistently been the best with Domestic Supply... I even switched my stance on anavar, which was basically pure hatred towards it, until I used it from there!
Far and away, Domestic Supply is the best source you will find. I would recommend that you make the switch so you never have to worry about any issues again!
It might be time for you to stop using the product and stick with gear from a trusted source here. UPsteroid offers genuine AAS from top pharma labs. Also, be sure to have a medical done before your next order/use of AAS.
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