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Hey is basicstero and pharmacom labs the same company? I ask cause I see them advertised online together a lot. My next question is are they really pharmacy grade? They claim to be 98.5% pure product, which is a huge. Sounds like they are trying to advertise a bit too much online showing models in their attire. I am more interested in quality of the gear, who cares about clothing line lol
I think maybe they are the same company but not sure. Basicstero and pharmacom labs seen them for a while, I wouldnt buy from them unless they are sold by trusted sources on anabolex.
yes, they are the same.
pharmacomlabs is the company's website and brand name
basicstero is the direct sales site.

They are all excellent products, but for this very reason they are very copied and faked.
therefore I advise you to buy directly from basicstero and not from some reseller except from an authorized dealers
Exactly what my man phill said. Used them before your good with them.
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