Start Your Own Online P H A R M A with MusclePay Today!

MPay Rep

Anabolex was kind enough to let Musclepay come hang out! We are very excited to make new friends, learn, and hopefully teach! Musclepay is a unique one-of-a-kind opportunity to start a new business with little-to-no starting cash!

Building an online store costs money. What if you could skip over all of the mess and woes of developing a new company? Places like Amazon and eBay allow you to start your own store within their network, giving you an established outlet to push products and to the correct demographics. This option has never existed for aspiring p h a r m a sellers…until now.

Musclepay will give you all of the tools needed to own and operate a p h a r m a store AT NO COST TO YOU!
Musclepay can help you open your own online store, fill it with content, products, images, descriptions, etc. That’s not even the best part! Musclepay will manage shipment and payment processing, and control customer service!

Commission plans start at 40% with the option for more!

For more details, check us out at https://www.musclepay.com/

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me for more details.

MPay Rep

What is this all about? are you like paypal?
To quote the website "Create a brand new online dropship pharmacy for free or use our dropship platform for your existing pharmacy."

There are two options here. The Dropship-Only and the Turnkey.

Dropship-Only is exactly as it sounds. You use your own website to list our products and we ship those orders for you. Simple as that.

Turnkey comes with a website sitting in our server, example: Jasonpriest.musclepay.com. The site would come with our products already loaded and ready for sale. You push the sales, we ship them for you. Turnkey also comes with customer service for your customers right through your website in the form of email or Live Chats.

Your commission on all sales is 40%. You can earn more by increasing your prices in the provided admin settings.

Lastly, we do not accept Paypal. Since we are dealing with AAS here, we use Moneygram, Western Union, LTC, and BTC.