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I'm glad you recognized the issue and you stop the use of steroids
it's important not to hurt yourself or others
Guys sorry to say but I'm calling it on this cycle. I've switched over to a maintenance TRT dose as of this week. I don't know if the EQ 600mg per week has caused me psychological issues but I am on and off like a light switch. One day I'm fine and then one little thing occurs at home and I'm experiencing jealousy, paranoia, and depression. Perhaps an underlying problem was brought to the surface through the gear but I know I've never felt like this with testosterone.

A month ago I was fine. I don't see this as being a tren effect unless the psychological issues last a month or more after the last dose. I also did not have any issues on tren until I increased the dose to 380mg.

I don't know why or what is causing this but it's a horrible feeling so need to cut everything off and hopefully my mental state returns to normal within a few weeks. Next run I'm going to stick with a shorter cycle 7-8 weeks and I'll really need to reevaluate the doses. This was my 2nd attempt at a cycle longer than 10 weeks and cannot pull it off.

Any input on this matter is greatly appreciated.
Gotta have head right
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