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The Ideal Dbol Cycle & Dosage

Jayne Scott

Approved Supporter
Many people have asked me what the ideal Dbol cycle & dosing is. And since I have not used Dbol myself, I decided to do a little digging.

My most logical answer would be to tell you to go speak with your personal trainer or doctor after a thorough checkup.

But after researching, another reasonable answer of mine would be to play it safe and go 30 mg per day over a 4 week cycle.

But why?

First of, if you are female this dosage is definitely not for you. As a matter of fact, it is the recommendation of many experts that females DO NOT use Dbol for whatever reason. Dbol can literally turn females into men with facial hair, male pattern baldness, breast atrophy, a masculine voice and all the other masculinisation side effects you can imagine.

But for male bodybuilders wishing to bulk up, then yes, Dbol is a good alternative to Test.

However, experienced trainers suggest that you can achieve your gains from using just 30 mg per day over a 4 week cycle.

This is not to say that bodybuilders are not known to use higher dosages for longer cycles like say a 5 to 6 week cycle, but to be on the safe side, running a 4 week cycle on 30 mg daily should suffice.

Extensive use of Dbol at higher doses can increase your risk of nasty side effects like water retention, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, and so on.

In addition to this, you are at a greater risk of hepatotoxicity issues when you use high doses of Dbol for a longer period of time.

What's more, you can maintain your gains better with less side effects when you run a 30 mg a day/4 week Dbol cycle.

Running high doses for much longer can and will be detrimental to your bulking gains.

That's that!

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50mgs dbol is a dose I like too

Upsteroid has a good dbol selection

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