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where can I get legit pharma grade dbol?


I saw a few UG dbols but concerned about dose, I'm sensitive to estrogen and want to dose only 10mgs per day split dose.
I also need to know what kind of AI to use for estro sensitive.
I have nolvadex and clomid but is that enough?


here's the best you can get bro



low dose dbol by itself you won't need any sort of estrogen blocker. remember you are only running the dbol 4-6 weeks max

Masonic Bodybuilder

10mg per day isn't a huge amount so you may not need an AI. I would have aromasin on hand just in case though. Or maybe you change your mind and increase the dose. Better to have the AI on hand. I highly recommend Domestic-Supply.


Bolex Brother
Pharma grade huh? do you really think they still prescribe Dbol? lol. Dbol is easy to find with any reliable source.

PM me for a price list for 1-Stop Domestic Shop and I can assist you or message me on Wickr messaging app. (cbbram)
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