too much AI?


how much is too much aromasin on cycle? I'm doing deca and test this cycle. 500mg test and 250mg deca and taking 25mg aromasin EOD, but my joints are not doing too well on this dosage. they are hurting me quite a bit on my heavier lifts like feels like tendinitis flaring up. is it possible i crashed estrogen?


So either get a blood test to know for sure or drop it a little and see for yourself - kinda obvs


too much for one person may not even be enough for the next... thats all determined through trial and error with bloodwork...


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I recommend half that dosage and get blood work. Aromasin will cause joint pain regardless of your estrogen levels
You are at least double to dose for most people. I never recommend overusing an AI. I would rather have estrogen too high than too low. Blood work is the only way to dial in your dose.