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Umbrella SARMS Shred Log with Dylan Gemelli!


Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
umbrella sarms makes my heart warm



Today went extremely well... I finally started to get the feeling I liked what I saw in the mirror again, or at least felt better, just looking healthier and yet with a very long way to go, I can already see the changes, especially in my shoulders, which tend to show very quickly for me. I felt extremely strong today and already went up 15 lbs. on my bench press from last week. I am sure I will make progress very quick at first from just being off heavier lifting now for some time and having lost so much size, which I obviously don't have to lose to begin with. I repped out 205 x 10, which is obviously quite weak but last week I was only at 190 x 10... For me, anything under 225 x 10 is just not acceptable... So hopefully soon I will be in that range... I can see great vascularity as well, which is something I have always loved about SARMS in general. They tend to really show on the vascularity side of things for me and that is once again holding true... I really love this poly-cell formula with Umbrella... it makes things much more pleasant... Everyone knows the taste is one of the only complaints in general and having that eliminated is extremely nice, not to mention the other benefits that come along with the formula... I have a write up on the forum going into detail about the formula so I would definitely recommend checking that out... I am really looking forward to more and more progress and will continue to update as much as possible... ACP has really seemed to be a great addition to this as well, and being it is a newer sarm, it s really nice to incorporate it here! Here are a few pics from today...


Fella Finn

You look great! Keep continuing to provide us these updates sir! They are encouraging and a just a great read and follow!


I can continuously see the size and strength gain... I have a few more pics today to show a bit more progress... A lot of the soreness from lifting heavier is starting to pass and that made for a much smoother session tonight. I hit back and biceps and definitely felt it was extremely productive. I had gotten so out of rhythm with lifting and it feels great to be back on track... My diet is the only thing that is off right now in terms of intake. The stresses do get to me and often times, I just do not get anywhere near the proper amount of calories... I am working on getting this more consistent but so far, I am extremely pleased with the results! The strength increase today was extremely noticeable on all of my curls and bicep movements especially and I was able to see even more vascularity... I will do my best to get the absolute most out of this cycle!



Just wanted to post another progress picture today... Im extremely happy thus far with the amount of size and lean muscle coming back for me... i am clearly not huge in any way but already from where i started, things are really starting to come together.. i can always really tell how my strength is on chest days because chest has always generally been my weaker area where shoulders has always been my strongest and my chest workouts in terms of strength have gone up substantially each workout and that just helps my overall morale knowing there is a lot of progress in that regard! Here is another updated picture from today...



Just wanted to give another update. I am up 6 lbs so far and my body seems to have either maintained or even dropped... There is more vascularity and the definition is getting so much better.... I am an excellent responder to S4 and this is staying consistent for me... I started at 75 mg per day as Ive generally tolerated well up 100 mg so I am going to bump to that number soon... My strength has gone up DRASTICALLY on all lifts right now, which I expected due to it being high before at many different points in time... The combination of rad and s4 on strength is really more than one would expect and I am hoping for bigger changes moving forward and fully expect there to be... I have a lot of room to grow on lifts and in size but there is definitely a lot of progress already... Thank you to everyone for the support and I will continue to update throughout ! !



I have to say that I continue to be more and more impressed with the progress on this cycle. I am in a great place mind wise and strength wise, I am seeing consistent improvement... It feels great to see the muscle gain and to also see more vascularity... Obviously with the amount of tattoos, you cannot see it as much as normal but I can see it pop through and I love that... The only issue Im having is the throbbing in my right big toe, which has been plaguing me for several months... Aside from that, I am feeling great... Strength numbers today on chest and triceps was up a very large amount again... I was pressing dumbbell inclines for sets of ten with 85's and so I felt pretty damn good about that... All in all, I am more than pleased! Here are a few more progress pics and once again, thank you to everyone for the continuous support!!

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