1. M

    Napsgear best test

    I went and got my testosterone levels checked and they came in the 200 so my doctor said I would be a good candidate for trt. the problem is they want $300 a month and I'm not paying that. Was rather just buy from napsgear and do my own bloods Which brand on napsgear you recommend if i wanted to...
  2. N

    16 weeks

    testosterone cypionate 500 mg equipoise 800 mg Dianabol 15 mg just the first 4 weeks what do you think about this stack seems pretty simple and straightforward?
  3. G

    first time using testosterone

    I have a few vials of testosterone enanthate and I am ready to use it. I’ve been in the gym for 15 years so lots of experience with sports. Only done pro hormones and some orals. Never tried injectables yet. I’m in my 40’s 5’9’’ 150 pounds body fat very low would 500mg a week test e be good for...
  4. JimAbs43

    Evolutionary.org Radio Episode #417 Winstrol Cycles, Testosterone vs trenbolone, S4 yellow tint.

    Evolutionary.org Radio Episode #417 Winstrol Cycles, Testosterone vs trenbolone, S4 yellow tint. https://www.evolutionary.org/evolutionary-org-radio-episode-417-winstrol-cycles-testosterone-vs-trenbolone-s4-yellow-tint/
  5. G

    lost package onlinesteroidsusa

    I ordered some anavar and testosterone from onlinesteroidusa.com and the tracking said delivered but I got nothing in the mail. I talked to my postman and he doesn’t remember the package or anything. They got mad and said I was cheating them but shouldn’t they be responsible for a lost pack even...
  6. R

    Anadrol and testosterone

    I’m 26 years old 5’10’’ 188 pounds Training for 10 years My cycle is going to be Anadrol-50 mg a day testosterone cypionate 500 mg a week how do I control my estrogen going sky-high on the cycle that is what I can't figure out because Anadrol doesn't aromatize but it does bind to receptors right?
  7. E

    Simple 10-week cycle

    a buddy of mine hook me up with a cycle he said would work good and was very safe. What do you think? 10 weeks testosterone enanthate 500mg a week HCG 500IU twice a week 20-40mg a day Nolvadex 32 years old 5’10’’ 177 pounds
  8. A

    Getting itchy nips

    5ft 9in 13 stone 17% body fat in my late 30s this is my second cycle of steroids ever and I never experienced it she nipples before. I'm currently running testosterone enanthate and doing 500mg a week. I am pinning twice a week. I am already taking arimidex with it but I am now getting itchy...
  9. D

    Running test and deca

    26 years old 5ft 10in 200 lb fit & strong I'm looking to run a 8-week cycle what do you think about doing 100 mg of testosterone cypionate along with 100 mg of deca durabolin. I would run them twice a week so would be 200 mg of each total What do I need to run with them for best results. I'm...
  10. O

    Halfway through first cycle

    I started my first cycle 4 weeks ago and I'm halfway through doing testosterone propionate at 100 mg a day and then the last two weeks I dropped it down to 60 mg a day. I feel pretty good but sometimes I have bad energy levels. I'm also doing a milligram of Arimidex every other day. Now is the...
  11. G

    Question about sarms use

    I'm 43 years old and I've been on testosterone replacement therapy for the past five years. I've tried a couple of the sarm stacks and I've gotten decent results. But I'm looking to do something a bit stronger that is why I'm looking at YK11 and S23. are these things that are okay to use with my...
  12. X

    Morning wood and steroids

    I'm running 500 mg a week of testosterone and using a light dose of aromasin with it. I have noticed my morning wood has gone away like I can't have sex first thing in the morning. I'm 24 years old and this sucks. Is there anything I can do to reverse this or am I doomed to have problems going...
  13. S

    Geneza test enanthate real?

    What are your opinions of using geneza testosterone enanthate and is the brand the realist Testosterone you will find out there. I use a lot of steroids before and always felt they were under dosed or bunk so I want to make sure I don't waste my time this time
  14. F

    Blasting and cruising at 27

    27 years old 6 footer 240 lb body side 16% I have been listening for 6 years and decided that it's time for me to start blasting and cruising if I am ever going to reach my goal I was thinking of cruising at 200 mg a week I'll testosterone and then blasting with equipoise and Trenbolone. How...
  15. JimAbs43

    Evolutionary Radio Episode #413 1,000mg per week Testosterone cycles and 90's Bodybuilding

    Evolutionary Radio Episode #413 1,000mg per week Testosterone cycles and 90's Bodybuilding https://www.evolutionary.org/evolutionary-radio-episode-413-1000mg-per-week-testosterone-cycles-and-90s-bodybuilding/
  16. Z

    Small lump is that gyno?

    I’m 6’1’’ 220 pounds 18% body fat Running my first cycle 600mg a week testosterone cypionate. Got some sore nipples early on so cut back on dosage and Started using Arimidex and things started to get better. But now I'm off cycle and I noticed a small lump the size of half a pea. Not sure if...
  17. V

    Adding more test from geneza

    I am currently on testosterone replacement therapy and 46 years old. I have been doing this for the past three years and I run a dosage of around 150 mg a week. I want to blast higher amounts of testosterone. I am thinking of buying geneza brand, which test should i buy and how much should i run it?
  18. R

    Winstrol and testosterone

    what are you guys thinking about using this cycle? I’m 44 5’9’’ 170 pounds Was thinking about using testosterone propionate along with Winstrol Thinking about doing 50mg ED of each. My question is also can i mix the two in the same syringe? or are you not supposed to mix water and oil
  19. R

    Buysteroidsonline.to is underdosed

    I bought Testosterone from buy steroids online and I have been on it for about six weeks and notice that I'm not getting any results. No aggressiveness and no strength improvements at all. I started to suspect something was wrong so I got blood work done and 500mg a week only had my test numbers...
  20. R

    Big sarm cycle

    I'm 43 years old 5 foot 10 in 210 lb I previously ran 500 mg a week of testosterone and did a post Cycle Therapy. This time I want to do a sarm cycle to do something a little different. I want to lean up on this I was thinking of stacking five or six sarms together and doing something big. Do...