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    Test and dbol stack

    32 years old and 200 lb and 5 ft 10 in I am currently cutting down and plan a run this cycle once I get under 14% my cycle that I am copying is 500mg a week of testosterone and 30 mg a week of the Dianabol is this good for someone who hasn't used steroids in a few years and it's just getting...
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    Should i cycle n2generate?

    I have been using Another testosterone booster to help with my numbers and it hasn't really worked out well. I compared it to n2generate and the ingredients are not even close so I want to switch over to the stronger supplement. My question is do my cycle it or do I just run it for the next four...
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    YK11 issues

    Is it okay to run YK11 if you're not already on trt because I read how bad it is when it comes with suppression and shutting you down. is it a good idea to run some testosterone with it to boost my levels or with I need to run maybe a testosterone booster to offset the effects. What have been...
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    Anyone successfully recover after 4 years on?

    Does anyone have any motivation for me to give this a shot and come off steroids after being on for four years straight. I have been doing blast and cruise for that long. The past year I've been cruising at 150 mg a week of testosterone cypionate. Do you think if I come off and run a really long...
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    Low testosterone for my age

    Everyone says we're supposed to get blood work done so I went ahead and got blood work done in my levels are only at 420 and I am only 21 years old. from what the charts say that is a low-level and something that a 50 year old should be showing. Should I be going after getting a trt script? I do...
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    Vet steroid cycle

    I've been training for 20 years 41 years old 182 lb under 10% bf this will be my fifth or sixth cycle I'm going to go to simple route and do testosterone cypionate 500mgs for 12 weeks along with arimidex. I also plan on adding in hcg toward the end of the cycle. Anything you would add or take out?
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    Which oral steroid for me?

    My goals are to get a boost as an athlete I don't care about becoming a bodybuilder or anything like that. Just want some additional strength and explosiveness when I train. I'm going to run deca-durabolin and testosterone at 300 to 400 mg a week. Which oral steroid do you recommend
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    First cycle full stats

    28 years old 6 foot 210 lb 16% body fat total testosterone 505 going to do testosterone only for my first cycle. what is the proper dosage for someone with my stats, I'm already over 200 lb so does that mean I should run more testosterone than 500 mg that everyone suggest also do I need an AI
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    Testicle pain on cycle

    I'm running a steroid cycle of testosterone and Anadrol , and I'm also running hcg. my dosages of the testosterone are 500 mg and the Anadrol is 25 mg a day. I'm starting to notice testicle pain like it feels like I have blue balls and when I urinate I get Blobs of white stuff coming out. Any...
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    First testosterone cycle

    so I'm about to purchase my first testosterone cycle ever, I'm 26 years old and 14% body fat. My question is how much aromasin do I need to use on this to keep my estrogen levels controlled. I plan on doing 500 milligrams a week and of the vials say 250mg/ml. so 2 cc's is how many I need a week...
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    Poor testosterone levels

    so I went and got my blood work done and it came in at 310 ng/dl. I am 35 years old and have never used any steroids before and never had any medical issues that would be causing this. I need help on picking a supplement that I can take that will help boost my testosterone levels
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    Body acne really bad

    so I have a weird situation going on and hoping some of you scientist on here can explain the situation. I am running testosterone at 200 mg per week as part of my trt dose and I am getting a lot of body acne. However last cycle I was running at 600 mg a week and was not getting any. Why would...
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    Not gaining on my cycle

    I am in my mid-30s and I am on trt testosterone replacement therapy. I have saved up some extra testosterone from my prescription and I'll do a blast of 500 mg a week every now and then. My usual dose is 200 mg a week so I thought increasing the dose would result in more games. Problem is 10...
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    Equipoise cycle

    so I'm a 28 year old Doing my second cycle ever. I am going to do 400 mg a week of equipoise and 500 mg a week of testosterone my full stats are 6 ft 1 in and 188 pounds. I'm pretty lean around 12% body fat. my question is should I lower the testosterone dose and update EQ do so a little bit or...
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    Convince me Sustanon isn’t overrated

    This is my first cycle and I've been weight training for the past 5 years someone told me to take testosterone as my first cycle. They wanted me to take testosterone cypionate oh, but the guy I bought the steroids from didn't have any in stock so instead I got Sustanon from him I started the...
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    Geneza pharma bulker

    I’m going to be trying the geneza pharma bulker stack Which is testosterone along with Dianabol dbol. I was thinking about doing 12 weeks of the testosterone at 500 mg a week and keeping it simple. How much Dianabol do you recommend I use and for how long. is 30 mg a day too much or too little
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    Low test levels on cycle?

    44 years old and 17% body fat. I went and got blood work from Quest and everything came back okay except my testosterone levels I didn't like. They were only in the 1300’s. I'm using 350 mg a week of testosterone cypionate and 300 mg a week of deca durabolin. Shouldn't my testosterone levels be...
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    check out this cycle

    I am going to use steroids for the 2nd time. A few years back I used some testosterone and tbol and had good results. This time want to add in a 3rd steroid to this stack. If I run the testosterone at 500mg a week and turinabol at 50mg a day, what other steroid should I run with it? My goals are...
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    Megacycle advice

    I'm starting a cycle and about two weeks and eat some last-minute tips before I go on. I'm 230 lb and 9% body fat in my early thirties. this is my 5th or 6th cycle I have been running steroids for the past five years or so. Testosterone 700 mg EQ equipoise 1000mg Aromasin deca durabolin...
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    Best anavar and testosterone stack

    stats are 6 ft tall 180 lb and body fat 15% I want to run anavar/oxandrolone at 50mg a day and help me recomp. what kind of testosterone should I add to it. Should I add testosterone propionate and keep the cycle at 6 weeks or should I do a longer testosterone Esther