All Gold PSL log


I was around 1 pound lighter on yesterday’s check in but that’s not too bad. A few days I had a hard time eating all my meals and was in bed really early.
Today’s workout went like this:

Upper loading / lower pump
2 sets - BB row- 315lbs x 10 x 7
1 set - Rack Pull- 365lbs x 9
2 - DB Flat Bench- 100lbs x 12 x 10
2 - DB Shoulder Press- 100lbs x 7 x 6

2 - Wide High Leg Press- 373lbs x 26 x 23
1/1 - Seated hamstring curl / Knee Extension- 95lbs x20 / 100lbs x 20
1 - Seated calf raise- 105lbs x 24

This week I’ll post some pics up


Yesterday’s heavy leg day and upper pump day!
Another meal has been added to my diet so now I’m up to 7 meals a day lol gotta make this happen and get the food down!!

Lower loading / upper pump
2 - Hack Squat- 290lbs x 10 290lbs x 8
1 - Close Stance Smith Squat- 275 x 8
1 - Lying Leg Curl- 120lbs x 12
1 - Adductor/Abductor Machine (rest pause DC style) 195lbs x 9
4 - Standing Calf Raise- 390lbs x 12/9/8/8

2/2 - Pull down Machine / Machine Flat Press- 135lbs x 26 135lbs x 18 100lbs x 28 100lbs x 20
2/2 - DB Lateral /Hanging knee raise- 20lbs x 28 20lbs x 24
1/1 - Machine Preacher Curl / Smith Close Grip Bench- 90lbs x / 155lbs x 28


Training Days - Intra - 50c, 10g EAA's
Meal 1 –
5 Whole Eggs
1c Liquid Egg Whites 1tbsp PB
2tbsp jam
5 slices Toast

Meal 2 –
7oz Chicken Breast or White Fish 2c Jasmine or White Rice
30g almonds or 1⁄2 avocado

Meal 3 – (pre Workout, add plenty of salt to this meal) 6oz Red Meat (listed Above)
2c Jasmine or White Rice
1 muffin

Meal 4 – (Post Workout Shake as soon as you’re home. Blend this up.)
2C Liquid Egg Whites
2C Rice based cereal (Chex, fruity pebbles, rice krispies, coco puffs, whatever you want as long as rice is the base)
1 Banana
2 packet oats
2tbsp pb

Meal 5 – (1.5-2 hours after Shake) 7oz Red Meat (as listed above)
2c Jasmine or White Rice
30g almonds or 1⁄2 avocado

Meal 6 –
6oz Chicken Breast or White Fish 1tbsp EVOO
12oz potato

Added meal during day on both days where ever you can fit it, even before bed is fine- 40g Whey protein
2tbsp pb
1 bagel


So little update for yesterday and today. I had to drop the dbol all together. The pumps were absolutely crippling and it was hindering my workouts every single day. I even lowered the dose to 30mg and my back would get rock hard and it was tough to even walk during a workout.

Upper Muscle Rounds
2 - Machine Pull down- 170lbs / 170lbs
2 - Smith Machine Row- 215lbs/215lbs
2 - Flat Hammer Press- 125lbs/ 125lbs
2 - Hammer Shoulder Press- 100lbs/100lbs
1 - Deadstop Skullcrusher- 70lbs

Lower Muscle Rounds
2 - Smith or Machine Squat- 190lbs
1 - Knee Extension- 110lbs
1 - Smith Machine SLDL- 205lbs
2 - Standing machine calf raise- 300lbs
1 - Hammer Preacher Curl- 75lbs

I also hit the pendulum squat machine we have and wow does that thing kick your ass!!
Everything else has been perfect with the gear. Diet has been decent I think the dbol is making my appetite alittle on the low side so now that it’s gone I should be good.



Growing Newb
Micheal, you pinned every day or just 2/3x week ? i dont know which ester are you use for trem and deca.