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I use a lot of mediocre gear over the years, thats my fault for buying gear from gym dealers i guess
I wanted to try roids-usa this time. I got a couple vials of their testosterone
been doing around 800 mg a week. Definitely feeling a nice change and I got blood work done and it was at the max. awesome
My best results have consistently been with domestic supply. I have stuck with them for some time now and they always comes through with the best quality out there!
Trust is extremely important and hard to find in general in life and especially when it comes to products like this. You can rest assured that @Finestgears prides itself on trust and quality. I have never encountered anything like them as a whole company and my recommendation would be to go with them!
i dont trust its a fake review
That makes no sense. When you say it was "at max" that means you got a capped test. Those stop at 1500. On a dose of 800mg/week you should be close to 4000-5600. No way to know if your gear is complete garbage or not.

To avoid all that nonsense, just stick to legit sources like Domestic-Supply next time.
Bad news company from the sounds of things that I would avoid. My favorite company is @Finestgears

They give me the best results and I have so many brands to pick from when I use them
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