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I saw roids.usa being pushed a lot on meso forums
Thought i would try them myself
I ordered 3 things.
I ran them for 12 weeks. Up 15 pounds and my strength was up 30 pounds
Will recommend them again
I stick with Domestic Supply... They have countless user reviews extending back so many years, along with name brand and tested products, the best customer service and domestic shipping.... people all have their own preferences but they are definitely the best for me
I say it daily that Domestic Supply is who I use exclusively and MANY MANY MANY people over an extremely long time have spoken nothing but glowingly about the quality and customer service! I would suggest switching to Domestic Supply!
look you can order from whoever but first check the negative reviews on
I heard thinksteroids pushes a lot of scam source
The sources here are the legit for many many years. We get where we know already what we're getting
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