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Can I reactivate my Musclepay account if it has been deactivated?

TLDR; yes

As a safety precaution, accounts will become deactivated after an extended period of inactivity. If your account is deactivated, you will receive an immediate email with instructions to reactivate, if you wish.
Good info I'll reactivate my account soon.
good update on the reactivation
What happens if my package gets seized?

These packages are shipping internationally. They must go through customs in the country from where it was shipped and a second customs in the destination country. Each event may take a week or more to process. Your tracking will not explicitly say if a package is seized. However, we can make a professional estimate based on the length of time in customs. If your package has been in customs longer than 3 weeks, please reach out to customer service.

If a customs letter is received:

- No need to wait! Please contact our support immediately to discuss replacement options. Please save your letter and envelope, as a photocopy may be required.
- Do not respond to the letter. These letters are boilerplate and nothing more. Our customers have literally never complained once about any action being taken.
- Consider using a new name and address for any future orders or replacement orders. This will dramatically improve your chances of a successful delivery.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment here or PM me.
Getting this question often enough that it bears repeating.
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