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SARMS Where to buy sarms online?

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Everyone I'm back but I really need your help. Please help me pick up some sarms.
I'm specifically looking for suppliers of gw and osta.


Buying sarms online is literally a toss up. I remember back in the day, you had no idea what's in the liquids bottle. Now they have testing up and you can see COA of good suppliers. I agree with @findU2tak, is a good company. I got gw and nolvadex from them with 20% off from DG. Great deal!
I bought some gw from provenpeptides it didn't do a thing. I had no results and when I emailed them, they told me I'm lying. Total scumbags.
That's larry guy over there sells kratom that's probably fake too.


What's a good sarm to stack with anavar?
I'm going to do an eq/test/var cycle and want to add some sarms to it.


how long will sarms stay legal?
I'm concerned if I buy some sarms they become illegal then what?
Do I throw them out or what?
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