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I not sure I want to buy over wickr man. What is that even?

Are there more legit sources with website etc?

I've been a rep for 1-Stop for over a year now. Previous to that i've repped for other sources for the past 5 years but I can honestly say 1-Stop has the best quality and I will provide you with the best service you've ever experienced. I use Wickr messaging app for security (messages delete after 5 days) and faster communicating. What took you days before now take minutes because I respond quickly. We have 100% satisfied clients and shipping is domestic within the US.

cbbram on Wickr - ask me for a price list


I not sure I want to buy over wickr man. What is that even?

Are there more legit sources with website etc?
I not sure I want to buy over wickr man. What is that even?

Are there more legit sources with website etc?
he never said to buy over wickr! Smfh. Thousands of ugls dont have websites! They are a forum approved source. Wtf do you want to just openly communicate in the wide open or on a secure private place like wickr?? Stop starting shit in every thread u post asshole!


Doing tren cycle but thinking going easier with primo and anavar, whats a good source to buy?
i need something fast domestic


please help me figure out if domestic supply is legit


Can you guys help me find clenbuterol?
domestic or international
been looking for a good source but suspicious of all the guys out there
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