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We want it to be known that we have dropped our shipping prices by $10.00CAD!

Shipping is now $20.00 for West Coast, and $30.00 for East Coast.

As always, thank you for the continued support.
I ordered some Rad-140 from Nordic Flame and had a great experience. The customer support communication is exceptional. I got responses back very quickly at different times of the day. The product was shipped out immediately. I also like that the product was packaged very well. I've ordered things from overseas where the packaging was sketchy and that made me less confident. Lastly and most importantly, the SARM is proving to be effective.

Overall my impression is that this is a professional seller who takes pride in delivering good service and product. I will order again with confidence.
I can attest!! Very good source and amazing prices. I became a source 20 years ago and his prices are better than mine were then lol. I don't know how that's possible but his products are potent and very effective. I decided to start supplementing again during a recovering and physio regime and will continue to do so I keep training.

I contacted a few sources but ended up going with Nordic fusion and I'm happy I did!

I've ordered from Nordic Fusion twice now, and both times I've had a great experience. Friendly customer support, fast response time and fast shipping time with professionally packaged products.

For all those looking for a supplier in the great north, use Nordic Fusion! : )
Me and a few buddies have ordered from nordic fusion multiple times now and have had an excellent experience every time. The prices are fair, the gear is top notch and the customer service is the best I've encountered, the guys are beauty's. Highly recommend these guys to anyone in canada looking for awesome gear delivered in a timely manner.
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