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Did steal money?


Pharmahgh i suspect are the ones who hacked my bank account
I used zelle and the next day I checked my account and all my money had been stolen and sent to some country in Eastern Europe. I don't think it was a coincidence. My bank is making me sign a bunch of stuff and I'm worried they may investigate me based on my steroid purchase


i say it daily that you have to read reviews and posts that are all over the forums... you can consistently see who the very best is from those reviews and the name that is consistently mentioned as the best is domestic supply!


sounds like it yes

make sure in the future you use a source that protects customers, not steal from them. napsgear is who i trust myself

Fella Finn

I say it consistently that Domestic Supply is who I use exclusively and MANY MANY MANY people over an extremely long time have spoken nothing but glowingly about the quality and customer service! I would suggest switching to Domestic Supply!


Moderator is not good they have nasty reviews


Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
i hate for fake hgh

Jayne Scott

Approved Supporter
A lesson learnt the hard way. Hopefully you'd stick with approved sources on Anabolex next time around. The hacking of your account bit is weird though, but you really need to be more careful in the future try UPsteroid when you are ready for a change. Good luck.

Masonic Bodybuilder

I really hate hearing about guys getting scammed like this. Just another reason to stick to approved sources next time. I recommend Domestic-Supply based on the incredible high quality products they carry.
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