first cycle I need help


I wanted to do a first cycle, bought some test enan 500mgs plan 4 vials but I want to do more. Age 26 201 but want to get a lot bigger and stronger.
my plan is to do test and primo but not sure if I should drop the primo and keep running test. I havent pinned primo fyi


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Test and primo is a good 1st cycle. I suggest you use it if you have it, why not? 1st cycle do the best. Stack in sarms.


first cycle should be one compound only... just run test by itself and let your body acclimate its self slowly man... this is a marathon, not a sprint and you are already and the very young side, especially for steroid use...


i don't see a problem using primo and a little test as a first cycle at all. it is far more safer to do that than run mega doses of test and think it is not rough
You don't need to get to your final goal in your first cycle. I would stick to just the test for now and work up to more compounds over time. Start with 350-500mg per week for this run.


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you should get used to Test first learn how your body reacts and learn how to control estrogen. there's plenty of time for more cycles. especially starting at 26