hcg proper protocol


bro...hcg is usually 500 IUs/day x 10 days...but i would mix that with n2generate es 3 tabs...


hcg is literally the worst thing you could ever use in pct... do not do that man...

so, when you use testosterone, you are clearly adding large amounts of it into your body which causes you to eventually be suppressed when you stop using it because your body forgets how to produce it on its own... hence, the need for pct... so, what hcg does is MIMIC your lh and fsh, just like taking testosterone, mimics testosterone production which eventually leads to suppression, correct... so when you mimic lh and fsh, what happens when you stop using it?? im sure you can put two and two together... the reason you use hcg is to get your lh and fsh STIMULATED before pct, so they are not completely bottomed out because when you use test, they are non existent... just like when you run an oral without test... when you go into pct, your test is bottomed out.... when you go into pct using test, AT LEAST its much higher making recovery easier as you reteach your body to produce on its own... so if you use hcg BEFORE pct, then it gives that boost while your body learns how to produce on its own... HOWEVER, if you run hcg IN PCT or after, you end up suppressing yourself because you are just mimicking, not helping to jumpstart anything like nolva and clomid do for your natural testosterone production... NOT TO MENTION, hcg ALSO increases estrogen... so, i just want you to FULLY understand so you dont think its just someone talking and blowing smoke... this is fact..
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