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Lost package [email protected]


Hmm.. so this is fishy
I ordered several items from erythrobio via their email
I sent them the money right away. Two days later he messages me and says that he will ship it out in the next couple days. I say cool and thanks.
a week later I email him to get a followup and he said that i should have gotten it already, but i didn’t
he said it must have been lost so he said that he would reship it one more time. 2 weeks later still nothing. I email him for a tracking number and he says sorry they don’t ship 3X. wtf?


You need to go with a TRUSTED COMPANY, one that has shown year after year to be reliable, trustworthy and have top quality... There is one name synonymous with all the attributes listed and that would be DOMESTIC SUPPLY! They are elite, top level providers that you can always count on!

Fella Finn

Stick around on the forums and do your research so this never happens to you again! Domestic Supply is an elite level trusted and verified source that I personally use exclusively. I would strongly recommend you checking them out!


Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
they probably didnt ship your pack

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