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I just like orange juice. I probably should add in a protein shake. Eating 6 eggs is about 42 grams of protein so I figure that’s about the same as a protein shake. I like getting some natural sugars in the morning. I feel like I’m always craving something sweet while I’m on cycle. So to meet my sweet tooth cravings I drink cold pressed juice. I don’t eat or drink any processed sugars.
Just orange juice is for little kids, you should be drinking a manly protein shake. :)


Is there a brand that you like. I’ve been wanting to get some dehydrated organ meats in capsules.
After liver king people hella skeptical of organs but IMO organs have their place.

I can't speak for a brand but grass fed and organic dry organs should be fine in capsules take double dose and you'll do fine.


Week 6 starts tomorrow. I weigh 180lbs now. It’s been exactly one week since I added oral Anadrol 50mg twice a day to my cycle. It’s been a little over a week since I started taking Proviron at 25mg a day. I recently decided to up the dose of Proviron to 25mg twice a day. My face looks less bloated on 50mg of Proviron a day and my muscle definition looks better with this dose too. I’m up 5 pounds from last weeks picture.


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Today is the start of week 7. I got up to 185lbs with the addition of Anadrol 50 mg twice a day. My cardio was really suffering at this weight so I got on Winstrol 10mg for twice a day to start cutting. This picture was taken today I’m weighing in at 180lbs. I’m on day three of the Winstrol and I stopped talking the Anadrol.View attachment 4209
@DrockMalone you're hella good looking and I'm straight :) nice abs coming in.
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