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My Ugfreak cycle log


Active Bro
Run that sh* up your diet & training. Test and anavar good cycle.up to you if wanna run anything else.plan on using var when ??end or beginning


I’m planning on running a test and anavar cycle.

Test E from parapharma is gonna be ran at 500mg -750 typically I can run 500 no issue.
The dragon pharma anvar ordered from UGfreak will be ran at 50mg a day to 75 depending on how the sides are. This will be my first time running anavar.

The parapharma testo E 250 is from a friend that put in a order. (I don’t know where he got it from) so I will probably order some Sustanon from UG freak through the express option because the PIP is insane with this vial I have but I’ll still finish it.
I would start with
500mgs testosterone and 50mgs anavar, you can move up if you plateau around week 8 IMO

if you have high pip, take a bowl of water, warm it up (not boil) but higher heat so hot to finger, put in the vial 10ml there with a pin in the top of the rubber stopper, heat it there, shake hard and heat again (dont boil)
if you heat it up it will get rid of the extra BA and PIP is down


Diet past cycle and current weight:
I am going to be on a cut… got to get ready for my sisters wedding.

I am 5’9” at 190lbs soaking wet lol.

I’ll probably be eating around 2,800 calories will go up or down depending on my weight and look in the morning.

The past cycle I ran was test E and decca were not parapharma and I got them from the local guy at the gym. Prices got too high for me so I set out on getting my own stuff.
Would be good to see what you're actually eating
meal plans are #1 in these logs


Bolex Brother
you training needs some big lifts too deadlifts/squats/bench at least 1 day per week dedicate to big man lifts


Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
I can see you have some good plans for this log
lets see your full food layout? you meal prepping?


UGFreak gear is good but if you have pip heat it up a few times it will make the shot easier


I can see you have some good plans for this log
lets see your full food layout? you meal prepping?
I have never been one to meal prep but I always wanted to do it… I do have a basic meal for breakfast lunch pre workout meal and dinner.

Breakfast- 4 whole eggs and a whole wheat tortilla
Snack- almonds or pistachios
Lunch- salmon and broccoli or tilapia and broccoli
workout time
Dinner- some kind of red meat vegetable
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