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My Ugfreak cycle log


I have never been one to meal prep but I always wanted to do it… I do have a basic meal for breakfast lunch pre workout meal and dinner.

Breakfast- 4 whole eggs and a whole wheat tortilla
Snack- almonds or pistachios
Lunch- salmon and broccoli or tilapia and broccoli
workout time
Dinner- some kind of red meat vegetable
That's not bad but seems you're lacking omega 3 fats and healthy fats.

I would add more healthy oils like fish oil and UDOs choice, and post workout meal needs carbs.

Something like this.
Workout + 3 caps ostazol
after workout protein shake 50 grams protein with 2 tbsp honey
30min after post workout meal/dinner:
2 cups brown rice
broccoli steamed
steak 10 oz medium
10 almonds
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