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Approved Log Won't stop till we're legend! UncleZ Log!!


Here we are again...

Time to blast to the moon! Pack came in yesterday with flying colors. Crazy how fast shipping is half way across the world now days.

Everything looks fuckin great. Guys Over at UZ know what they're doin..

Received 5 Tren E, a pack of Anadrol-50 and Cialis. Everything looks top notch. Tren is nice and gold. Pills are well pressed. All Euro- Pharma

Going to start out at 350mg a week then titrade up to 600mg a week. First week 50mg Anadrol a day then starting 2nd week. 100mg week.

Total gear will be

1000mg a week Test C
500mg Deca
600mg Tren E
100mg Anadrol ed. (Starting week two)
Going to do ed injections. See how that works for me.

I have Every every AI under the Sun incase something pops up.

Really going to try to blow up. Diet is mostly clean with 2 dirty meals a day. ( 7 meals total) alot of meat and rice shakes. 2 solid food meals a day.

Training 5 days a week, 2 hours. One, maybe 2 muscles a day.

Weighing in right now 205 in the AM, lean around 11%-14% bf. Maybe lower.

Super motivated, first hit my first shot this morning. Everything nice and smooth! No pip nothing. EURO-Pharma is the best. Always smooth. I've not ran there Npp, TP and now Tren E.

Hope you guys will follow me along for the ride. Should be a good one!! Wish me luck!!


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this log is a legened
What a day, busy busy busy.

Hit the gym at 4pm. Left at 6. Hit back and chest. Great fuckin workout. Popped one 50mg Ep Anadrol. Hour and a half before gym. Holy fuck. Already felt it.

Instantly stronger. It's pretty fuckin insane. Nothing like it. It makes me a fuckin animal in there.

2nd shot of EP Tren this morning. Nice and smooth 15 hours later. No pip, lump Nothing. Smooth. Always smooth.

Got 6 meals in so far. One more before bed and I'll hit my mark. Feelin fuckin great. Will repot back tomorrow. Will also take some starting pics and some TD pics!

Hit legs, shoulders and a little bit of biceps.


Great workout took 50mg Ep Anadrol 2 hours before gym. 2nd day with the Abombs and already feelin strong as fuck lifts are all going up!! Feel great. Injected another 50mg Ep Tren E. This morning. 3rd shot down. All smooth as butter so far.

Got nothing to complain about life is good. Saturday and Sundays are off days for me. Then back at it Monday. Goal for next few days is dont miss a meal and grow grow grow!

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