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I recommend using basicstero
I ordered a cycle from them which i ran for 12 weeks and also did a 4 week pct
I did their testosterone propionate, masteron propionate and also some of their tren
It was an excellent cycle. I gained about 20 pounds no joke. Great company!
Domestic Supply is who I would strongly recommend to use. They have a longstanding reputation, over a decade, as being at the top of the class! They have the best quality, customer service and have a large selection of the top brands one could want!
Reddit is about as bad as it gets in terms of getting any type of information whatsoever... i would stay a million miles away from a site like that with nothing but horrible and misleading information... stick around on the forums and read real user reviews, progress pictures, bloodowork etc... has a lot of bad reviews aint good imo
Nah...I'll pass...I'd rather stick with approved sources that I can hold responsible for their actions or in actions. I'd rather stick with UPsteroid who I rep BTW.
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