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Bleh using


I was told to put up reviews because it helps others
I’ve been using basicstero products for 12 weeks
this is my last week on it
Bleh is my review. not my best cycle. do you like the products are underdosed
Would not use them again. I'm going to try one of the approved sources next time who do you recommend?
If you want to use a trusted source on here, you can try out UPsteroid. We offer genuine gear from the stables of top Pharmaceutical companies and labs. Our delivery is spot on with an insurance option that guarantees you your order. In addition to this, you can chat with an IFBB PRO completely for free to discuss issues relating to your cycle and dosages.
The forums are loaded with review sections, user feedback, progress pictures etc.... it is very important to utilize these tools so you do not bad experiences...
Far and away, Domestic Supply is the best source you will find. I would recommend that you make the switch so you never have to worry about any issues again! not trusted
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