adding protein powder to shakes


Is there a specific reason why or why not adding protein powder to my shakes is going to be a bad idea rather than mixing it in with just water? I was thinking of doing a smoothie with yogurt, fruit, liquid eggs, spinach, peanut butter, and almond milk. then also tacking on a couple scoops of protein powder. I should get around 100g of protein with that.


smoothies are okay, but real food is better. when you blend any type of food you are putting it through a processing stage. those eggs you are using for example are ALREADY processed bigtime, now you blend it and process it even more. sorry but an actual humane friendly cage free egg eaten whole is going to be more nutritious. same goes for veggies or fruit blended. you still need to eat raw fruits and veggies to get the minerals


V.I.P. Gold
I domt see any issues with it. I personally wouldn't like all that shit mixed but to each their own